Ideas to write a rap song about school

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Donald Glover

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Hip Hop in the Classroom: Writing Academic Raps

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Writing a rap can be a useful resource in helping to teach children poetry. Rap incorporates music and allows kids to write poetry through song.

Teaching children through the rap style can nurture an appreciation of poetry in children and make your lesson more appealing. For this fun, interactive Sunday School lesson is about kindness, sharing and sticking together! It uses stickers with the illustrated story pictures as the background, and pretend play activities to.

Write Bar (line) 2 – the rhyming word comes at the end – so start with that word in mind and write it ‘backwards’ Check, Revise, and Edit – make it fit the music (add or takeaway syllables) and use strong vocab; Build a Song: there are different ways to organize.

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Ideas to write a rap song about school
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