Education and teacher

Character Education

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Division of Teacher Education

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For nearly 40 years, TEI has been designing and delivering rigorous, graduate-level and professional development courses for K classroom teachers. We offer teaching supplies, classroom resources, manipulatives, and educational games at the best prices!

EAI Education provides over 6, teaching supplies for grades Pre K, home schools, parents, students, and colleges. The Division of Teacher Education provides access to high-quality baccalaureate degree programs in Teacher Education, General Studies, and Interdisciplinary Studies, as well as a variety of certificates and endorsements, using both traditional and non-traditional means of delivery for diverse populations.

FINDING A SCHOOL or TEACHER TRAINING COURSE: The International Montessori Index is not sponsored by, or officially connected with, any specific Montessori school or training center. We are not in a position to direct individuals to Montessori schools or training courses.

My Education Discount is a comprehensive directory of all education discounts and teacher discounts available to teachers, faculty and staff.

Education and teacher
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