Boring teachers

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7 Habits of Highly BORING Teachers

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What Makes a Teacher Boring?

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In addition, training certain Mobile Services may be very or restricted by your carrier, and not all Sound Services may work with all means or devices. And I will probably never forget what I underpaid that day. Nov 18,  · Attention, Teachers! Why Students Are Bored. It is not easy to admit that our approach might be needlessly boring.

That's why I encourage you. This boring teacher habit ties in with habit #5 and habit #7: teachers that are clueless about the world outside their classroom become dull and boring to their students. This is especially true for teachers of older kids, and by older-I mean 3rd grade and up!

Our students are living in a social media-driven lifestyle that isn’t going away. Many teachers would choose "boring/retain job" over "excitingly creative/scores tank." One of the most common complaints from veteran teachers these days is having to give up well-polished, sure-fire lesson plans in favor of someone else's policy conception of what's most important.

What follows is a list of the most common things teachers do to cause boredom.


By steering clear of these eight attention killers, your students will spend more time on task and be far better behaved. And please, teachers, take special heed on the PowerPoints. This was the #1 disliked practice in our student survey: Too much text on each slide; and reading directly from the slide.

BORING!!! It is not easy to admit that our approach might be needlessly boring. (Please don't write me and say that there is always boredom in life; I simply won't post it. However, I remember one of my seventh grade teachers being possibly the most boring person I had ever met.

Everyday our class schedule was the same: read the chapter –> Complete worksheets –> Copy down immense power-points for the rest of class.

Boring teachers
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8 Things Teachers Do To Cause Boredom - Smart Classroom Management